From Degraded Lands to Thriving Farms

How sustainable land management helps local farmers

The Alipia farm at Auala, Savaii — a lesson in sustainable land management. Photo: UNDP Samoa / L. Lesa
Malaeolemā Alipia preparing a hearty meal of ingredients mainly gathered from her garden. Photo: UNDP Samoa / L. Lesa
Multi-cropping at the Alipia farm — bananas, eggplants, ta’amu, papayas and cocoa planted together with coconut and breadfruit trees. Photo: UNDP Samoa/L. Lesa
The Alipias with their daughter, Lisa and her children in front of a billboard produced under the SMSMCL Project, highlighting Motuoaoa as one of the ‘model farmers’ under the project. Photo: UNDP Samoa/L. Lesa
From growing seedlings to harvesting, the SMSMCL Project provided seeds, other necessary materials and mentoring for farmers to allow them to be sustainable even after the project ends. Photo: UNDP Samoa/L. Lesa
Project Team (l-r) Anne Trevor, UNDP; Maiava Gaugatao Veni, SMSMCL; Motuoaoa Alipia — farmer; Gardenia Elisaia-Morrison, SMSMCL. The close working relationship between the project team and the beneficiaries contributed to the success of the project. Photo: UNDP Samoa/L.Lesa

UNDP Multi-Country Office for the Cook Islands 🇨🇰, Niue 🇳🇺, Samoa 🇼🇸, & Tokelau 🇹🇰

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